5 Reasons Why Dentists Need a Mobile Friendly Website

On April 2015, Google made an announcement that it was updating its search engine algorithm to give favourable rankings to mobile friendly sites. Search engine rankings are not the only reason that dentists and other website owners should consider making their sites mobile friendly. The following are a few crucial reasons why you should ensure that your website is optimized for use by multiple devices and especially for easy access by Smartphone owners:

Mobile devices are the preferred medium for internet access:

According to statista.com, 52.7% of mobile phone owners across the globe access the internet through their mobile devices. This figure numbers over 2 billion people according to estimates by the International Data Corporation. Optimizing your website for mobile use will give you access to growing numbers of the population who prefer to use mobile devices to access the internet and ensure you reach a larger audience that you can convert into a loyal clientele.

Create a great first impression:

88% of people conduct local searches using a mobile device. These are the people who want to find goods and services in their vicinity, get directions to your practice, find out what others have to say about you and possibly book an appointment if they are impressed with the overall user experience on your site. Having a mobile optimized site is the first step in making the right impression and attracting the clientele you need to keep your dental practice running.

Greater conversion rates:

In the past, several generations in a family would visit the same dentist without questioning whether their preferred oral health professional was the best choice. These days, with increased population mobility to find jobs, purchase a new home or make other life changes; people are forced to turn to the internet for information on the best oral health professional in their area of abode. Having a mobile friendly site will ensure that first of all, your dental practice receives good rankings and is therefore easier to find and secondly that you convert greater numbers of visitors to your site into loyal clients.

Quick turnaround time:

People who are using their mobile devices to locate a dentist are usually in pain and require immediate action. They do not have time to look for a referral from friends or wait for any other delay. These are the people who will book an appointment and come in for a treatment as soon as possible. Here is where you will get your opportunity to shine and convert them into lifelong clients who will also grow your business by referring your practice to other people in their networks.

Social media referrals:

91% of people use the internet for social media activities and with 1.59 billion people using Facebook and a further 500 million using twitter, pinterest, tumblr and other social media sites, it is highly likely that your clients make up a section of this statistic. Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your dental website through likes, referrals and back links. Once the referrals have clicked through to your site, it is easier to convert them into clients through great user interface and user experience.

Mobile responsive sites have great advantages to offer over desktop based ones. Greater conversion, faster turnaround time and social media referrals are just a few of these. Optimizing your site for mobile device use is becoming increasingly crucial to reaching the clients you need to grow your business and turning them into loyal clients who will patronize your practice for many years to come.