9 Local SEO Tips for Plastic Surgeons

Search engines keep on evolving and you can either adapt or lose. For instance, in February 2016, Google removed the right hand side ads for desktop searches to make the search engine result pages (SERPs) more responsive to mobile searches. That automatically drove-up the price of ads. Competition to get to the top spot on organic results was also cranked up a notch.

So without further discourse, here are 9 Plastic surgery local SEO tips to help in improving your Google ranking:


Your website must be Mobile Friendly:

There has been an increasing trend in searches via mobile devices. This means that you must create your website to be mobile friendly. Google is now more than ever pushing website owners to go mobile friendly. If anyone is searching for your web from a mobile device and experiences some difficulty in accessing it, they’ll simply turn back and leave your page. This means you’ll be losing credibility and you will receive fewer patients. And Google will bump you down in the rankings.


Get in tune with voice search:

As mobile search grows, so does voice search. More people are using this smartphone feature to locate services they need. Some use it to help them multitask (like using Google Search when they are driving), others just find speaking into their phone to be easier than typing their query (especially the elder crowd). That means your optimization also has to focus on search-friendly keyword phrases.


Locally optimize your website:

Ensure that Google or any other search engine sees your business as a local business so that they may rank you in the correct cities and with the right service. Cover everything from the title and meta description to interlinking and schema markups. This improves your rank in the search engines and give you the edge over your competition. It’s important here to submit your business to Google’s Google My Business directory, this will give greater visibility to your site on Google’s Search Results Page.


Page break up:

Ensure that the pages with your services are broken up. Many surgeons are trying to do this but there still a number of them who jam all their services on one page. To rank high, ensure that every service has its own landing page. It is also a good way for Google algorithm to identify what you are trying to put across and rank you. Additionally it is a way of adding more content to your site. Content is king.


Get visible on social media:

That’s where everyone including your patients are. Get on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Foursquare, YouTube, Flickr, and even Instagram. Post regular updates with pictures and video. Social media is important when it comes to link bait and driving clients to your site. It also helps you grow your name and drive your business in your community.


Aggregate content:

Make your website a one-stop-shop for plastic surgery information. Collecting and curating content from different, high-authority sources and displaying it at one place for your users to see will build your authority. This will keep a hold on audience and increasing the chances of them seeking your services. Stats from Digitalcurrent.com show that Knowledge Graph, wiki, local, maps, news, social media, images and videos account for 85% of Google search results. This shows how people look for a source that provides all the relevant information in one place.


Hyper local marketing:

You may have noticed that Google will also rank you depending on our city’s address. If you offer services even outside of your current city there is a need to create more content to target distinct areas outside your local area of practice. Include common neighborhoods, cities, zip codes or landmarks that are well known. Ensure that all the areas that you cover are mentioned in your content, for instance if you are near an affluent town, make sure you add it to your list of targets.


Include a call to action on your web pages:

Great content is not all. Your viewers will read through your site but may never contact you. Including a call to action will offer them with an opportunity to contact you. Let it be eye catching statements that will lure them into wanting to seek your services, for instance, call us today for free consultation and appointment with the doctor. This means you will need to include a contact that is reachable on your site.


Simplify customer experience:

They already face the burden of too much clutter on the internet. This impedes decision making. Simplify things for your clients so that you can drive them to your services. For instance, you can use single calls-to-action in your ads. In addition, you can put the most requested information above the fold on your website, so that it is easy to find.

These tips are a great way to ensure that your plastic surgery practice is ranks high on SERPs. By engaging in the right local SEO marketing practices will gradually get you to the top of the list.