Finding The Right Facebook Advertising Method For Your Growing Practice

Facebook is the ideal platform for connecting with patients and prospective patients. Social networking sites are a vital part of the digital marketing plan, but Facebook in particular, can put your message and content in front of consumers who meet very specific targeting criteria. From boosted posts to newsfeed ads and more, however, a provider’s success on Facebook is largely determined by the objectives and Facebook ad types that he or she chooses. Both these objectives and the related advertising mediums must be streamlined and optimized for meeting practice goals, whether these be to educate prospective patients, promote new and innovative cosmetic procedures or simply keep in contact with past clients in order to maintain a robust customer base. Following are several tips that will ensure success as you incorporate Facebook into the social media marketing plan for your plastic surgery practice.

Get Your Goals In Line With Your Objective

There are 13 objectives that you can choose from when creating a Facebook ad. You must choose the objective that is best in line with the goals for your practice and developing a brand. Consider the actions that you want consumers to take when they see your ads. Do you want to build brand awareness, get more video views or drive traffic to your website? Objectives are structured to be very specific and your ad will be optimized by Facebook to suit the objective that you’ve chosen. Whether you want more engagement post-procedure, increased site traffic, new leads, more video hits or better educated prospects, you have to choose a Facebook objective that’s directly in line with the results you want.

Improve Organic Reach And Get Consumers To Engage With Boosted Posts

Once you’ve chosen your advertising objective, the next step is to choose the type of ad you want for your campaign. Boosted posts can improve your organic reach by increasing the visibility of your content. This, however, doesn’t guarantee conversions or increases in site traffic. Instead, ads these are structured to get people to engage by sharing, liking or commenting on the content. These are great for educating targeted demographics with quick facts about your procedures or their health and for sharing insightful statistics. When attempting to drive actions that are very specific, such as downloading an ebook or completing a form, chose ad types that are conversion oriented instead.

Be Cognizant Of Your Conversion Goals When Choosing An Ad Type

Beyond boosted ads for enhancing engagement and gaining more exposure for your practice and brand, you’ll need to chose ad types that are aimed at conversions. These are the ads that move consumers beyond engagement by getting them to share information or having them opt-in to your email campaigns and accept e-books. Newsfeed ads trump boosted posts when it comes to getting people to your pages and having them take action. Think of boosted ads as helping you capture leads and of newsfeed ads as being able to walk your prospects through the conversion process.

There is no magic secret for success in Facebook advertising – the best ads always get the best results. If you’re careful to define the goals of your practice from the outset and to choose ads and objectives that are aligned, achieving your conversion goals will be a smooth and seamless effort. There are endless targeting and testing capabilities that you’ll have access to through Facebook and this makes it a very efficient platform for optimizing your marketing dollars.

These were some simple, yet powerful tips that can help you bring online visibility to your bussiness, for further information on how we can help you develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, give a call at: 786-720-1736.