Get More Dental Patients With People-Based Advertising

The dental field is very competitive. The American Dental Association (ADA) reported that in 2015 alone there were about 195,722 dentists in the United States. What this means is that there is a great deal of competition for every dental patient. This is especially true when you consider that only 52.3% of people over the age of 18 see a dentist every 6 months. One in five, or 21.3%, of adults have not visited a dentist during the last few years.

Even though there is so much competition the average gross yearly billing for each dentist is still approximately $646,330 for general dentists and $910,060 for a specialist. This makes dental practices big business and means effectively advertising your dental business is more important than ever. Fortunately, with better data and technology, dentists are able to better target people with specific campaigns across multiple devices. This is commonly referred to as people-based advertising.

Let’s take a look at how people-based advertising can benefit your dental practice.

Better Targeting

If you do not get the right message in front of the right person your advertising money will be wasted. People-based advertising uses the information you have about the type of patient your office currently attracts to better target new patients. This allows you to target your market with pinpoint accuracy.

Reduce Your Advertising Budget

The way most dental offices advertise involves a lot of room for error which ends up costing money. Increasing the efficiency of your advertising will reduce your budget. Ads that are linked to people instead of cookies allows you to spend money directly on the people you want to reach.

Take Advantage of High Quality Data

People-based advertising uses your own first-party data to target demographics. You are not using a third-party who may or may not understand your patient base. Your data is used to produce higher quality results.

Treat Humans Like Humans

We are all human and we like to feel special. People who do not receive advertising and offers that are relevant to them will ignore, delete, or unsubscribe from your messaging. The people-based advertising approach provides more relevant ads which makes people respond. A recent study of Facebook’s people-based marketing platform found that conversions rates were 3.87 times higher than targeting by demographic or category.


Reduce Ad Blocking

When ads are blocked your message doesn’t get out. When you engage customers in a more relevant manner your ads are less likely to be blocked. This is the whole point of person-based advertising. People are given relevant information about your dental services that they appreciate receiving.

Person-based advertising allows dental practices to engage real people with speed, accuracy, and value. This type of advertising reduces waste, increases click-throughs and conversions, and makes your practice more money. In the competitive dental environment, you need any advantage you can get to remain competitive. People-based advertising can provide a significant advantage and help you surpass the competition while significantly growing your dental practice.

These were some simple, yet powerful tips that can help you bring online visibility to your business, for further information on how we can help you develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, give a call at: 786-720-1736.