Is Your Hotel Taking Full Advantage Of Facebook Advertising?

Facebook has long been the place to go for a little social media bragging about a nice holiday abroad or a romantic weekend in the city. It is still the primary platform for showing off a quick status update, sharing pictures and keeping up with important gossip. With this, and the ongoing rise of Facebook ads, there is no better time for hotels to get ahead of the trend. Instead of hoping to be tagged in that status update of a hotel guest, use Facebook ads to bring them in in the first place. There are three important things to remember when using Facebook to advertise your hotel.

ONE: Make the most of seasonal holidays, events and other cultural influences.

This is an important tip for any marketing team using Facebook ads, but its is vital in the hotel industry. If you are a kid-friendly hotel, advertise your summer deals before the end of school. Focus on romantic suites and dining options for Valentines. Remind prospective guests of the special events in your city and why your hotel is the best place to stay in order to enjoy them. This list goes on and on. This is one of the best ways to expand your reach and if you can bring in a few social trends, all the better. There are plenty of memes and internet stars getting their 15 minutes of fame with catchphrases and images plastered across the net. Find a clever way of incorporating that into your Facebook ad.

TWO: Remember that the better quality creatives you have, the higher the conversion rates.

You need high quality creatives to sell your latest deals to new guests. The better the creatives, the higher the click-through rate. This then leads to a higher conversion rate, which equates to a lower cost-per-ad rate. It is a brilliant chain reaction that takes your hotel’s presence on social media and capitalize upon it. Eventually, you will be paying as much for a high-end, great-looking ad as you would your original ones. Furthermore, you are standing out from the competition as you do so. Creative tools like Placeit, REFUEL4 and Adobe Post are all great places to start.

THREE: Don’t be afraid to try different ad types.

Finally, on the subject of standing out from the competition, you need to bold in this game. There are lots of hotels and booking companies fighting to be noticed on social media and it can be hard to compete against big chains. This is when you need to swerve into a new direction and try untested waters. The big names can go through the motions while your hotel uses new Facebook features to push a different type of ad. If this move means that you stand out to a new following, it can provide more exposure and new business.

These were some simple, yet powerful tips that can help you bring online visibility to your business, for further information on how we can help you develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, give a call at: 786-720-1736.