How Plastic Surgeons Can Use Pinterest to Get More Patients

The overwhelming majority of users in Pinterest are female. And of course this is a great segment for Plastic Surgeons.

So we’re going to look at some ways you can use the platform to acquire more patients.


Pin YouTube Videos

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Dr. Pimple Popper, but she is the YouTube sensation creating

videos of her patients’ pimples being popped. If you asked your patients for permission, I’m sure

some of them would allow you to record certain procedures to post on YouTube, which could

then be pinned on Pinterest. They would draw a huge amount of attention to your practice, and

if you get creative enough the mainstream media could even pick up the videos.

Before And After Photos

This might be where plastic surgeons are missing out on the biggest opportunity of them all.

Instead of telling someone how much better they’ll look after a cosmetic procedure you have to

show them. The only problem is, if you wait until potential patients arrive at your practice before

you show them before and after photos you’re only targeting people who are already

considering surgery. Post the photos on Pinterest and you’ll be targeting everyone.


Target The Power Users

Just like every social media platform, Pinterest will have power users with millions of followers.

I’m sure you’ve witnessed Instagram models promoting a brand on their account, and you can

do the same with Pinterest. Ask some of those power users in your city if they’d like a discount

on a cosmetic procedure, or you could offer it to them for free depending on what it is. The only

stipulation is they have to promote your practice to their followers. If they don’t want surgery,

you could give them money for each referral instead.


Be Sure To Include Testimonials

Before and after photos will help someone decide they want surgery, but it doesn’t automatically

assume they’ll want you to carry out the procedure. The only way you can be sure they’ll be

desperate to have the procedure carried out at your practice is by making them trust you, which

is done by leveraging testimonials talking about how great you are. Everyone is skeptical these

days, so potential patients will be more likely to trust an ex­patient when they compliment your



Promote Other Service Providers

You really do need other service providers on your team if you’re to succeed. Old school

business development involved making deals with other service providers if you could both help

each other, as long as they weren’t plastic surgeons. They would say good things about you,

and you would do likewise. In the social media age the game is still the same, except this time

you’ll promote their business on your Pinterest account and they’ll return the favor.


Jump Onboard Before It’s Too Late

The only trouble with online marketing is the speed in which you need to react to new

opportunities. Can you imagine how hard it would be to acquire patients if every plastic surgeon

in the country was concentrating their efforts on Pinterest? They’ve not even thought about it at

the moment, so here is your chance to come in and sweep up without putting in too much effort.

Opportunities like this don’t come around every day, so you must test Pinterest out at the very