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The active rise of the mobile Web is quite obvious in recent years and, as of 2015, the PC has lost its position as a primary browsing device. Smartphones and tablets are have firmly taken this position without a sign of letting go any time soon and the Web market is making a move to compensate for this. While it might seem at first glance that browsers would be leading popular apps, statistics show that this is not quite the case.

  • Mobile Web Use : 14%
  • Mobile Apps Use: 86%

Smartphone users are used to having Web access wherever they go and while not all of them use them in the same way, they all use apps on a daily basis. However, on which OS you focus can really make a difference, since numbers are not that evenly stacked between them.

  • Android: 76%
  • Apple: 18%
  • Windows: 3%
  • Blackberry: 3%

Still, regardless of the these global numbers, depending on the statistics in your local area or with the crowd you are targeting, the numbers might show that a different platform should be focused. Apple and Android alone have had 98,000,000,000 downloaded apps, from 2010-2013. These are very big numbers and they are increasing, within just 3 years’ time.

Mobile App Discovery

A Mobile App is one thing, making it so good that it’s shareable is another

The most common way in through friends, family, and colleagues (52%), followed by browsing the app store (40%). Interestingly, search (27%), company websites (24%) and TV (22%) are each sources of smartphone app awareness for at least one-fifth of respondents.

Reasons Downloading Smartphone App

When it comes to influencing the downloads, word-of-mouth is again a top factor, supporting its broad influence on consumers. Most people will download an app due to a recommendation from others, compared to 31% who have done so because it sounded interesting or fun and 24% due to a familiarity with the company or brand.

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Due to the versatility of uses an application might have, we have assembled a team of experienced and professional mobile programmers who are able to make your idea into a reality. We are a focused and dedicated group of app designers that delivers a product both useful and reliable.

We are always ready to discuss new ideas for applications. With our experience, there is no reason why we can’t make your idea come true.