Smartphone App Development & Marketing Services

Our smartphones have taken over our lives, and there’s no turning back.

Research shows that since 2012, global mobile usage and adoption has successfully surpassed desktop usage. And like it or not, the trend continues to rise.

So, how does this affect your business?

The implications are clear, if your strategy is not reaching out to a mobile audience, opportunities are being lost.

Both as marketers and developers, at Z Networks Group we’ve been highly conscious of this trend since the very early days of the smartphone. For this reason we’ve been adamant in developing our service offerings around mobile usage.

For the little time that the smartphone has been around, we have delivered powerful results for our clients by servicing them in mobile-based digital marketing & advertising, mobile application development, and mobile-responsive website design.

Both our client’s stories and our portfolio speak of our success.

mobile app growth

                                                               Source: ComScore/Morgan Stanley Research – 2015

There is a Mobile Solution for Every Business

How mobile-friendly are you? Is your business currently leveraging all the benefits that a mobile strategy can offer?

By conveniently putting your business in your customer’s pockets, you will put your products & services at the fingertips of your clients in ways that you have never done so before.

No matter your industry, or how big or small your business might be, we at Z Networks Group can help you develop a mobile strategy from initial project conception & design, through development, and all the way to launch & implementation.

We service our clients in two ways: Through integral mobile app development, both iOS and Android; and through mobile display advertising.

Our full suite of innovative mobile solutions will help your business amplify its visibility to a much broader audience, thus leading to increased customer acquisitions, and a boost to your general sales revenue.

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, it’s not too late. Whether you’re a restaurant, a hotel, or a doctor’s office; whatever your business might be: there is a mobile solution for you, and we want to be there to help you.

Give us a call at (786) 270 1736, we will happily provide you with a free audit of your current mobile strategy and a free project feasibility assessment.