The Notable Updates To Be Made By Google For Dynamic Search Ads

With Google’s Dynamic Search Ads, online merchants are able to create and show ads that lead website’s landing page without having to necessarily use keywords. When using DSA, Google will automatically generate your keywords and ads based on the content of your Landing Page.

The new updates, as announced by Google promises to seamlessly deliver more conversions with just a few clicks.

What’s New On Dynamic Search Ads

The Dynamic Search Ads, for a long time now, has been using this search engine’s organic web-crawling technology to target the most relevant search queries. The technology allows Google to automatically detect the searches on a retailer’s website content. Google announced that the new Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) will enable people running major advertisement campaigns and retailers to easily target their advertisements to many queries. This will allow retailer’s content to be featured on searches that don’t contain the relevant keywords. In short, the updates rolled out for the Dynamic Search Ads will help fill the gaps left by keyword-based search campaigns.

For obvious reasons, e-commerce retailers that own websites rich in fresh content will be the ones who will benefit the most from the anticipated change. Also, retailers who sell an assortment of a variety of products and services, as well as those who deal in seasonal product lines, will gain from the changes Google are going to make. This update is meant to direct leads to the most appropriate page from a retailer’s website. Dynamic Search Ads with longer headlines will be easily targeted. Online marketers can edit description lines as well as URL displayed in the ads.

This major update targets the relevance of queries. For instance, an ad that points to a page about “Miami Movers” is unlikely to be shown for queries such as “Movers” or “Finding the best Movers”. Because the updates are getting tested in the market for the first time, there is little known about the performance and the pricing. Nevertheless, Google says that it’s working on the price issues and they will come up with a comprehensive pricing structure before rolling out the update in the next coming months. Online merchants will have to pay more attention to the Dynamic Search Ads campaigns during the transition period to see how query matching and targeting is affected.

Some Things To Know About DSAs

For those retailers whose websites feature rapidly changing content, c may not be the best advertising campaign for them. DSAs usually take time before they detect content updates. Sites that feature daily offers or deals may not do well with DSAs. With the new upgrades, Google promises more visibility into the ads that will show on landing pages where potential customers are likely to land.

The search giant is trying to make the advertisement process supple and smooth. Some of the notable adjustments to DSAs made by Google include auto-resizing feature and bid automation process within AdWords. The latest updates make the whole system robust, flexible and easy to use.

Normally, for DSAs, categories and sub-categories are already filled with content that matches the retailer’s site. Advertisers will also be able to get CPC estimates. Those are just some few benefits of the updates but we are optimistic that Google will soon release a full list of benefits that retailers and online marketers alike are going to get from the updates.