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We Create Beautiful Conversion-Centric Storefront Designs

Whether it’s the presentation of your products or the food that you serve at your restaurant, visitors just seem to react best when they are exposed to something that has aesthetic value and that is truly beautiful.

And at Z Networks Group, we believe strongly that this is true for your ecommerce site too.

A lackluster site, that has little design appeal and poor functionality can easily equate to a loss in revenue opportunity.

Design is everything in an e-commerce strategy, it increases the perceived value of your products, it builds trustworthiness, and it warrants more repeat customers because they will come back to something that they love to see.

How Do We Optimize Design In Order to Promote Conversions?

Design is not just about being pretty, though beauty is important, in an e-commerce site, design can also play an important role in the conversion path of a visitor. It can aggregate functionality and facilitate a purchase.

Here are some design tactics that we think can better improve conversions:

A Visible Shopping Cart

To ease the the path from shopping to checkout, a customer must be able to view his or her shopping cart at all time with data on what has been added. This will give them peace of mind, and will incite them to continue shopping. It’s important that the shopper can always visualize the link to the cart, if they lose it, they might become discouraged in finding it and can abandon the site.

No Distractions at Checkout

When your customers proceed to checkout, it’s important that they are focused and not distracted from making the purchasing, removing items like sidebars or supplemental product offerings can help them to complete that purchase. It’s important to simplify the checkout process as much as possible, research shows that single checkout pages are optimal for conversions.

Offer Both Search Boxes and Category Sidebars  

Some shoppers prefer to use the search boxes to find specific products, others prefer to use the category sidebars. By integrating both options into your site, you can improve the user experience. When using category sidebars, it’s imperative that the shopper is able to easily navigate back to the previous category: the use of “bread crums” can promote a clear navigation path.

Have a Logical Architecture and Link Structure

To ease navigation, having a logical architecture with structured categories can improve the user experience and reduce abandonment. An optimal on-page link structure will link category pages to parent pages vertically (ie. Digital Cameras and Film Cameras sub-categories should link to parent category: Cameras) , and horizontal links should link sibling products (ie. Nikon D600, with Nikon D800). This structure not only improves navigability, but it also promotes SEO best practices.

Let’s Get You Started!

So beautifying your site is just the first step, design needs to be thoughtful and optimized in order to promote conversions, these are some of the tactics that we implement in our stores, but we can do much more for you.

Whether you’re about to launch a new ecommerce business or have been thinking about redesigning your current site, we are here to help you. Our team of expert graphic designers can help you develop the perfect conversion-centric storefront. By calling us, you will receive an initial free audit of your current strategy.