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Brochure Design Services

Brochures are a key element to your company’s branding strategy.

They can showcase your products in a way that your potential customers can truly connect. They can also help you reach out to your local community and promote your business in a cost effective way.

At Z Networks Group, we can help you build a brochure that not only meets all of your needs, but that also exceeds all of your expectations too.

Our Offerings:

Creative Logo Design: Our quality logo-design process will help you develop a logo that is reflective of both your business’ personality and values, all while delivering the highest possible level of aesthetic appeal.

Engaging Creative Copywrite: To establish a direct, faster and intimate relationship between you and your customer, our copywrite guru’s will ensure that your content empowers and communicates a clear, quick and consistent message to your target-audience.

Inspirational Brochure Design: Through powerful and original content development, and by combining it with multiple graphic design tactics, we aim to inspire your customers in such a way that your message will endure and connect at an emotional level.

Online Brochure Development: Our digital brochure services can help you cut printing costs – all while not compromising your content and design. A benefit of a digital brochure is that it can give you easy control over content-updates, this makes them readily available for speedy online publishing.

White Paper Content Design. A powerful and engaging white paper can help you generate a strong level of credibility. It can also help you promote product & service adoption like no other marketing tool. From design to content development, we can help you develop a white paper that truly addresses how your business can offer a serious solution to an everyday problem.  

 At Z Networks Group, we have extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of how to create brochures for boutique hotels, doctors, lawyers, retail clients … and much more!

Offline and Online Marketing: There’s a cozy relationship!

Research shows that when combined, online and offline marketing can have a potent effect.

And this is more true to a particular segment: the Post Generation X crowd.

So how does this work? And how can a print strategy compliment an online strategy?

It turns out that a lot folks out there just generally don’t trust online marketing ads at all. There are two main reasons for this: 1) because online marketing is just too new to some, and 2) because there’s a ton of fraudulent online activity out there, and that makes some people feel distrustful of the internet in general.

There are many more reasons, but we won’t get into them…

Studies show that for the crowd that has a general distrust of digital advertising, it turns out that print advert exposure can help them acquire trust of a brand, and consequently this will more easily help them validate and adopt that same brand/logo via an online channel.

Think Spotify, or Uber: two digital services that amassed large acceptance and early adoption rates at a very rapid speed. Much of their success is a consequence of their strategic combination of both traditional and digital advertising.

In order to build a robust marketing campaign that aims to aggressively penetrate a local market, and that also aims to acquire widespread acceptance and awareness, we strongly recommend the combination of both print and digital marketing strategies to our clients.

To inquire more about both our print/brochure and digital marketing services, call us today!


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