4 Keywords that Will Boost Your Hotel’s SEO & SEM Strategy

Using actionable tactics in devising your keywords is the key to a successful SEO or SEM campaign. Finding the right keywords may be difficult but here’s a guide to three keywords-types that will help your hotel increase its bookings. These keywords can be used in your PPC campaigns, and in your site’s content to improve its organic visibility.

Customer Defined Keywords

The keywords used commonly by your target audience when talking about your industry. These words may be broad but are important in channelling your target audience to your particular services. In other words, think about how a customer would search for your hotel in Google. Keywords like “best hotels in Miami” can be very powerful from this perspective.

Product and Service Specific Keywords

What services does your hotel offer specifically? Including keywords that speak about the services that you offer will certainly boost your outreach. Whether it’s the spa or special local foods in your restaurant, or the yoga sessions that you offer, these keywords have a strong commercial intent. More and more users a looking for specific services and when you can show them that you offer them, they will more likely convert into future guests. Keywords like “Hotel with yoga” can be very powerful from this perspective.

Geo-targeted Keywords

Mentioning keywords related to the location of your hotel is a great way to drive qualified traffic to your hotel. By strategically placing in your content the names of the towns or neighborhoods that are within the vicinity of your hotel will help you rank higher over your competitors. Mentioning the city or surrounding areas goes a long way in reaching the targeted audience. Keywords for a Miami Beach hotel like “Fort Lauderdale Yacht Tours” can be very powerful from this perspective, you could even include a blog posts about Fort Lauderdale Yachting.

So there you have it, these were three specific keyword strategies that are simple, yet too often neglected.

Note on Using Keywords to Optimize Written Content

As a best practice, just be sure to never stuff your content with your target keywords. Search engines penalize websites that are stuffed with keywords. At Z Networks Group, for content development, we recommend to use your target keyword once in the URL structure, once in the H1 Title markup, and once in the first sentence of your written content. Beyond that, use your keywords naturally, don’t over do it.