Relocation and Moving Companies Should Listen to the Latest Trends in PPC in 2016

While there was not much happening that could be referred to as noteworthy in the paid search industry at the end of 2015, what has happened in the first half of 2016 can only be described as revolutionary! For instance, the Google Performance Summit on May 24 heralded a litany of announcements by the search engine giant about new, ground shaking changes to the way in which ads are displayed.

If you are in charge of the online marketing for your relocation and moving business, here are some recent changes in PPC that are worth looking into:

Microsoft Flexes Muscle With Bing

In early January, Microsoft managed to engineer something of a coup against the search engine behemoth Google: Microsoft’s search engine Bing took over powering of search and search ads of the AOL network from Google. Though AOL is a dying brand, this move does signal that Microsoft is very intent on making Bing a search engine on an equal footing with Google.

What it Means for Relocation and Moving Companies

If you are like many owners of moving and relocation companies with an online presence, it is perhaps true that you depend very little, if at all, on traffic from Bing. In all honesty, Bing has managed to clear most of the bugs which derailed the progress of the search engine in the early years. While their location based searches are not close to being at par with Google’s own offering, sourcing some of your PPC traffic using Bing Ads makes more sense than ever before since it is the largest growing search engine behind Google.

A Revamp for Google Local and Maps

Google has announced big changes allowing for ads to be displayed in the Local Maps Finder. The Local Finder is the pane to which searchers are directed when they click “More Places” from the three pack Local pane displayed near the top of the main Google search results page.

Almost simultaneously with the Local ads announcement, Google deviated from the long running practice of categorizing Maps as a Search Partner. This may sound like not so good news but as I have outlined below, you can make it work for you and your moving and relocation business.

Another announcement which came out of Google’s Performance Summit in May was that Promoted Pins will soon make an appearance on Google Maps. This is big! This new feature offers yet another opportunity for moving and relocation companies to gain greater online visibility.

What it Means for Relocation and Moving Companies

As intimated above, Google Local and Google Maps are perhaps the most significant online advertisement platforms for relocation and moving companies. If you have not been using targeted ads for Local, you need to begin working on those ASAP. You may be left behind as your competitors join the gravy train.

With Google no longer categorizing Maps as a Search Partner, only ads which bear a location extension are eligible to appear on Google Maps. You can opt out of the Search partners program but still have your ads displayed on Maps.

Other Minor Developments with a Bearing for Relocation and Moving Companies

1. Google Launches iOS AdWords App

In January Google finally launched an iOS app for AdWords. This brings parity for advertisers as you can now launch and monitor your advertisements on the go irrespective of your preferred device.

2. Right Rail Ads No More

In February, Google announced a major shift in how they serve text ads on desktop web pages. The network would no longer display text ads on the right hand rail of web pages. This was as a step towards unifying how ads are displayed across different devices.

3. Google Analytics 360

The Google Analytics 360 Suite was unveiled in March. The premium suite offers very innovative tools for advertising in the relocation and moving industry. The all new data management platform (DMP) is proving a great resource for PPC marketers as it allows for customizable testing tools.