Three Facebook Advertising Tips For Your Moving and Relocation Company

Advertising comes in many forms and there are different ways that relocation companies can benefit from a little publicity. Word of mouth is essential, as families and homeowners recommend services to friends and relations, and social media sites like Facebook are the ideal place to make the most of customer interactions and status updates.

Ambitious relocation  experts shouldn’t stop here, however, as Facebook ads provide an even better chance to connect with new clients. The following three tips for Facebook advertising should help.

Take advantage of current trends as best you can

Social media, and therefore social media advertising, is all about the present moment and trends. This can be as simple as acknowledging whichever national or seasonal holiday it happens to be, celebrating a sporting victory or jumping on the bandwagon of a viral meme. Consider how you may be able to link these elements into your Facebook advertising. It takes some thought and creativity to tie your long-distance relocation services to Thanksgiving or Valentine’s, but a well placed meme, image or even a pun can catch the eye of Facebook users who are naturally drawn to those themes at that time.

Increase your company’s conversion rates with better quality creatives

There is a good chance that you are currently working with a tight budget with your creatives and opting for low-end social media ads. This is understandable if you are a small family owned relocation company trying to get a foot in the door. The problem is that quality is often more beneficial in the long run than quantity. If you can create a great Facebook ad that really makes local homeowners take notice, you can increase your click-through-rate and your conversions. Eventually, this should lead to a lower cost-per-ad rate and even more potential to grow.

Experiment with new ad types to make an impact

Finally, there are plenty of tried and tested approaches when advertising the services and skills of a relocation business. Many companies will follow the same route with the notion that families all want to know the same things: how far will you go, are you a safe pair of hands and how much will it cost? Companies that take a slight detour by highlighting unique characteristics or marketing themselves in a different way are more likely to catch the eye. One way of doing this is to take advantage of new features and ad options as Facebook makes them available. The risk may not always pay off, but it gives you the chance to get ahead of the competition.

These were some simple, yet powerful tips that can help you bring online visibility to your business, for further information on how we can help you develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, give a call at: 786-720-1736. Our initial consultation is free.