Landing Page Services: Ongoing Management and Optimization

Running an online paid advertising campaign without optimized Landing Pages can equate to high abandonment rates and a low customer conversions.

On the other hand …

An ongoing effort at optimizing your Landing Pages can lead to improved revenues and an increase in transformed loyal customers.

Based on what is working and what isn’t, at Z Networks Group, we help our clients develop results-based Landing Pages. It is a continuous effort, and every website is different, but the end-results pay for themselves.

Here are some of our optimization tactics:

  • A Clear Heading and a Clear Message: We make sure that your message is clear, simple and relevant. That the header of your LP matches the keywords that you used in your paid ad.
  • We Believe in The 5 Second Rule: If your page does not appeal to your visitor in 5 seconds, he/she might leave to your competitors’ site. We take bounce rates seriously, when we detect this behavior we immediately change the strategy and try something different.
  • A/B Testing: We continuously test different LP designs and templates for our clients. We tweak and optimize up to the point that we get a cumulative optimization gain, this maximizes client conversions.
  • Contact Information and Contact Forms: An optimized LP must always have accessible contact information. We include contact forms, phone numbers, addresses, maps.
  • Landing Page SEO: We use high demand keyword research to guide the content of headers, page titles, meta-descriptions and text phrases.
  • In-Depth Product Descriptions: For e-commerce sites, we make sure that your products have as much possible product specifications and customer reviews.
  • Images: For e-commerce sites, we use high resolution images, users always demand high quality images when shopping online. We also use images in our landing page as it complements the experience to just text.

These are just some of the tweaks and tactics that we work with. To learn more about what we can specifically do for your business or your site, give us call : (786) 270 1736

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