Local SEO Starts with Your Business Listings

Let’s face it. The print Yellow Pages: they’re pretty much dead…

In today’s day an age, the consumer journey usually starts online, and listing your business on the hundreds of online business directories available is important for two reasons:

It brings online visibility to your business’ website and your services.  The more you’re listed, the more likely it is for someone to find you online.

Online listings are an integral part of Google’s search algorithm. All other variables being equal, businesses with a greater number of listings will rank higher on the search results pages that Google offers. The same is true for Yahoo, and Bing. For a search engine, local listings bring authority and local validation to a business.

 Where can we find these listing?

Local listings can be found on business associations’ websites, online business directories, chambers of commerce sites, rating sites such as Foursquare & Yelp, official government websites, and many other portals.

Building local listings is not complicated, but it’s always easier to have someone else do it for you. At Z Networks Group, we are always on the lookout for high authority portals, there are new ones developed every day and defining which are truly relevant and of heavier weight: well, that’s not an easy task, but we can handle it.

For more information about how we can help you with your listing, give us a call.

Let’s also talk about what other things we can do for you so you can improve your online visibility: local listings are just the start, we can do much more for you.