SEO Services for Ecommerce Websites

What’s the key to a successful money generating ecommerce site?

The answer is simple, it must rank higher than your competitors’ sites on Google, and in today’s day and age, it’s not just about showing up on the first pages of Google, it’s about ranking number 1.

There are many bits and pieces that make a successful ecommerce site, but fundamentally we think (and we’re sure you’ll probably agree with us) that positioning your online store on the top of Google’s  search results is the most important feature that an ecommerce site can have. This ensures a successful monetizing strategy.

Whether you have an existing ecommerce site, or you want to start from scratch, we are here to help you. It’s a long and complicated process to rank #1, but we have the experience and can help you get there.

Our SEO Services in-Depth

Here’s some of the stuff that we can specifically do for you:

Competitor Research and Benchmarking: The reality is that when you measure how well you’re doing, it’s relative to how well you’re doing against the others, that’s the nature of being competitive. For us, it’s important keep a vigilant eye on competitor sites, and based on their strengths & weaknesses, we develop our SEO strategies.

Content Development: Website’s with deep and informative content tend to rank better in Google. Many ecommerce stores suffer from too little content. Product pages and category pages lack the appropriate amount of content and for that reason they can’t rank for the phrases they want because Google gets lost when trying to understanding the site. We can help you fix this.

Product Description Optimization: Google tends to like product descriptions that are detailed, well written and that offer third party reviews. Google also likes enriched and large product images. We work hard to deliver these two features without compromising page speeds.

Website Architecture: There are a ton of websites out there with inferior site structures, this confuses Google and has an impact on overall rankings. A logical architecture is not only beneficial for the user experience, but it also helps Google understand your site’s structure and it will give it a preference in its rankings.

Site Speed Optimizations: Google prioritizes in their rankings sites that are fast and agile, and that can be easily navigable. We help our clients identify speed weaknesses and implement tactics that improve site’s speed.

Mobile Responsiveness: Most web traffic today is sourced from mobile devices, a site that is cumbersome on cellphone or tablet screen will not only discourage a mobile audience, but Google will disregard it in its rankings. Search Engines believes strongly that websites need to work and interact well with mobile devices.

These are some of the ingredients to our SEO secret sauce, there’s much more, but we don’t want to fully give away our recipe!

Launching an ecommerce site without a monetizing SEO strategy can equate to an enormous loss in opportunity. Every online store that has high rankings in Google’s search results: in most cases, do have SEO tactics in their design and architecture.

Our cost-effective services guarantee results and ensure that you receive a generous return on your investment.

Give us a call, we’ll happily audit your current site and we’ll give you some valuable suggestions on how to improve it – for free. And if you’re starting from scratch, we can help you build a road map that will deliver measurable results.

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