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Google Penalty Removal Service

Not just a Penguin, Google also uses a Panda & a Pigeon too

Let us clear one thing first: there isn’t just a single type of penalty that causes havoc on websites that used some sort of unfair and advantageous technique to increase rankings, and Google isn’t just sending a mean Penguin to spank your website after the “deceptive, or manipulative” backlinks you or your SEO agency acquired. Though they have a funny name, these are very real algorithmic processes that Google constantly updates and checks for on any given website on a daily basis.

These filters are perhaps the most important of Google’s overall rank algorithms, but there are hundred’s more, and violating one of them can have severe effects on your site’s visibility.

Are you having nightmares because your traffic has dropped dramatically?

Algorithm-based & search engine manual penalties are the bogeymen of websites. Just a few tweaks in the omnipotent algorithm, and it could send your site hurtling off the tracks. If you’re not careful, a search engine penalty will crush your rankings. We’ve seen it happen to hundreds of business owners.

Penalty Discovery: The Symptoms

Like an eviction notice

At first impression, you stop getting the daily calls you used to and then you see a substantial drop in your traffic. You cease to rank with your most profitable keywords, your sales volumes drop by over 30% in one week. Worst case scenario, you get a “manual penalty” notice:



Search Engine Penalty Types

Algorithmic Penalty/Filtering: Algorithmic filtering usually takes place with on-site over-optimization such as too many keywords all over the place. Only a few of site keyword rankings could be affected, often enough to go from #1 to #10 and loose enough business traction to get your attention.

Manual Review Penalty: Ouch, this one really hurts your pockets. Manual penalties are usually related to off-site over-optimization, i.e. aggressive link building campaigns, purchasing links, backlink over optimization with keyword related anchor texts etc. Ranking changes affect your entire website.

Recovering from these two is a slow process, but possible. It requires a lengthy perusal of all backlinks that lead to your site, and disavowing the malicious ones.

No, it wasn’t an accident

As SEO experts we’ve done our due diligence on the latest Search trends, and follow diligently Google’s best practices. We know that this is the work of a highly unprofessional SEO agent, or the product of a malicious attack.

Luckily there is a road to recovery, and we are here to help you.

Assessment, Analysis, Plan & Execute

Comprehensive Content, Structural, Responsive and Back-link Analysis

We have to first identify the type of penalty that your site was hit by in order to understand the level of work required to initiate the penalty detox process. Not only do we have the tools and experience to precisely pinpoint the exact penalty that any given website has received, we can break it down to the exact reason or reasons that contributed to the penalty.

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The Road to Recovery

We can help you overcome any penalty and regain your former rankings

We know how daunting the process of penalty detox can be, so we set out to create a comprehensive system that will also walk you through the process of recovery, step-by-step, gained from our own insights working with clients who have bounced back successfully from both algorithmic and manual penalties.

Some of what we will discuss during your preliminary site analysis:

  • Find out what penalty made your traffic drop (Penguin, Panda, Mobile or Pigeon?)
  • Know what tools we will use to diagnose the problem
  • Learn how to overcome any content, structural, mobile or local issues
  • Analyze your backlink profile
  • Understand the manual link review process
  • Prioritize what links to do nothing with, no-follow, prune, or reclaim
  • Learn how the backlink disavow process works
  • Report on how the Reconsideration Request is submitted

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