Negative SEO Recovery Services

You’ve been hacked and you don’t even know it.

Negative SEO attacks happen frequently, and 95% of the time, a site owner will never notice. When this happens, we can help you detect it, and we can also help you recover your lost traffic & rankings.

It’s a common story. Website’s that have implemented SEO best practices, and that have everything they need in order to be ranking on Google’s Search, sometimes have zero search visibility and poor traffic statistics, regardless of all the good effort that’s been put into them.

Or, it may be the case that they were ranking high on Google Search – and had privileged traffic stats, but from one day to another, their ranks disappear and their traffic stats drop to the floor.

Why does this happen?

The answer is simple: it is highly probable that they’ve been attacked.

Unfortunately, if this is the case: the solution is not as simple.

The internet is a wild and shady place, unscrupulous users persevere in every corner. Sometimes it’s a competitor, sometimes it’s an automated computer program, sometimes it’s an angry customer, or a frustrated ex-employee. It’s hard to exactly pinpoint where an attack comes from, but when it happens, what’s most important, is to act immediately.

If you’ve been attacked, we can help you get back on your feet.  At Z Network Group we have ample experience in helping clients recover from Google Penalties and malicious Negative SEO attacks, whatever your problem might be, we are here to help.

 So What Exactly is Negative SEO?

There are many things that can be done in order to bring down a site’s rankings. But, generally the following are the most common practices:

  • Google Bowling: This strategy removes a site from Google’s index through “spammy” and unnatural link building practices. Sometimes it’s done by a human, but many times it’s done by automated software.
  • Association Guilt: This is when the attacker builds a really spammy site, gets it banned by Google, and then builds 301 re-directs from the spammy site to the target-attack site. The target site will get penalized, and its rankings will be severely damaged.
  • Click Fraud: Studies show that approximately 30% of online traffic in non-human, rather it’s derived from malware automated software. The motives behind automated fraud click are several, but a common one is when the malware targets PPC links, this very quickly exhausts the attacker’s competitor’s funds. This is not at all uncommon and we can help you detect it, and protect your site against it.
  • Banning AdSense: If the target site has an AdSense extension, the attacker can configure an automated robot to unnaturally click on the ads and get the site banned by Google.
  • Fake and/or Negative Reviews: Google’s algorithm, as part of its ranking assessment, now more than ever does listen to third party customer reviews on sites such as Yelp, or Negative reviews weigh heavily on a site’s rankings. And of course it does not require a lot of hacking skills for someone to write a simple negative review.
  • Infecting a Website’s Code: Far too many websites have little regard towards security. Hence, it is easy for an attacker to break-in and tamper with the code. The most common practice is to add the txt tag so Google does not index the site in its directory.
  • Tattling: A common (malicious) practice of reporting a target site to Google for contravening in their guidelines. Most commonly claiming that the site engaged in image and content copyright theft.

 Aside from hurting a site’s rankings, Negative SEO can at times simply just generate negative PR. Beyond just fixing some of the technical aspects mentioned above, in order to fully recover from an attack, there needs to be some degree of reputation rehabilitation through calculated online PR tactics. It takes time, but a recovery is possible.

If you are a website owner, have vested time and effort into building a high-performing site, but it’s still not ranking, or if you’ve seen a dramatic drop in your traffic and don’t understand why this is happening, give us a call immediately.

Free of charge, we will work with you to identify any possible attacks on your site, and will audit for security vulnerabilities and suggest ways in which you can avoid these painful situations.

The internet is a dangerous place. You can never be too safe. Call us today, we guarantee results : (786) 270 1736