Social Media Business to Consumer (B2C): use your social channels to promote your products and services

Social media is a powerful business tool. It grants a business an opportunity to increase their exposure to a wide and often receptive audience that has an affinity towards your business and product offerings.

Social Media can do a lot of things for your business, it can amplify your message, and it can help your business increase exposure and improve its online and offline visibility. The benefits of a social media are vast.

Through genuine and engaging content, social media can:

  • Help you Increase customer acquisitions and valuable customer experience
  • Help you connect and form a 2 way dialogue with your customers
  • Help you showcase your products and services
  • Help you boost traffic to your website/e-commerce site
  • Help you gauge and measure how your audience and clients are using or liking your products and content

Engaging in social media without a calculated and predefined strategy can translate into many missed opportunities. Be assured, that at Z Networks Group, we have the experience and tools to make the best out of your social media channels.

Lead Generation through Social Media

Social Media is not just about generating followers, it’s also about generating qualified leads that have the potential to convert into paying customers. Through multiple tactics, and connecting your social channels to your monetizing landing pages, we strive to make your social media channels a gateway towards a monetizing strategy.

We are Experts in Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid advertising on social media is an excellent way to acquire new follower and to showcase your products and services to an audience that is demographically and contextually relevant to your business’ profile. Many businesses neglect Paid Advertising and hope to grow organically, the truth is that social media has become a competitive ordeal, and without a minimal paid budget, it is becoming increasingly difficult to build a presence in the social sphere.

Our B2C Tactics

Social platforms are constantly changing, everyday there is a new update or some new features. For this reason we are always on top of any new developments in the field; and based on our knowledge, we derive our tactics.

At Z Networks Group, we can help you in the following ways:

  • Based on data, we Identify the most convenient time for publishing content
  • We balance promotional and information/entertaining content
  • We generate conversation and interactions
  • We develop visually aesthetic content that promotes followers
  • We are highly responsive to your audience’s comments and suggestions
  • We monitor and derive deep analytics
  • We embrace calls to actions

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If you are active in online and offline marketing activities, and could use some help on how to fully exploit your social media channels, our company is more than pleased to offer you a free consultation in which we’ll audit your current social efforts and propose a conversion based social media strategy that will deliver results.

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