Social Media Marketing Strategy: Our Services

We can help you convert conversations into conversions.

Whether your goal is to build a larger audience or to promote brand awareness, our specialists will help you develop a strategy that includes graphic design, widget development, community building, social analytics reporting, and content development – all in one package.

Our Process & Tactics: We provide you with a detailed social media plan that is based on goals and objectives

We will work with you to define your company’s growth strategies by identifying both your strengths and growth opportunities.

At Z Networks Group:

We Audit Your Channels and Identify Opportunities

An audit helps us identify the platform that has most potential and is most relevant to your goals, audience, and brand. If you are currently active in social media, we will pay particular attention to your consistency in graphic design, your current brand advocates and influencer opportunities, and we will develop a measurement and tracking strategy.

We Define Your Target Audience and Business Goals

Before executing a strategy we define your target audience and examine if your current content is optimized for that audience. We also identify your goals which may include increased reach, improved brand awareness, furthering conversion and an increase in ROI, better follower retention. Whatever your goals might be, we will design a strategy around them.

We Identify Competitors and Benchmark against Them

To create a clear social strategy nothing is more important than to properly identify your competitors and their social activities. We look at their social media strengths and weaknesses and we take action upon these.

We Help You Develop a Message

At Z Networks Group we can help you develop effective creative copy that engages your followers, your content will resonate and endure: it will set you apart from your competitors.

We Measure Your Social Media Objectives and Asses Results

Finally, we establish and carefully design the appropriate metrics that measure your goals, competition and efforts done during a scheduled period. We also asses your follower’s engagement through multiple KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). We look at and analyze how persuasive your content is and what is working and what isn’t.

 We Are Here To Help You

Are your current followers converted customers?

We think that generating more likes and followers is great, but it doesn’t really lead to improved revenues. Let’s talk about defining a clear conversion path for your followers, and how our social media services can help you deliver tangible results.

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