How To Appear On Google’s Answer Boxes


Google’s answer box is essential to bring a strong visibility to your site.  You can ask google what the weather is, and it will show up in the answer box instead of you needing to redirect to another website. IGoogle Answer Boxes creates value to users and consequently, they might click on your site.

If you are a website owner, you might want to learn how to actually appear on Google’s answer boxes. There are a few great ways to achieve this.


Yes, you have been doing it all along! Paragraph answers take over 63 percent of the answer boxes, so it’s important to answer questions with your paragraphs and blogs. Be sure to make these short paragraphs or else Google will not pick them up.Optimize your paragraphs by making short answers to questions. This will rank you up for google answer boxes.


Lists in numeric or bullet point format are 19% of the answer boxes. Most of today’s traffic goes to lists anyways. You will always see top 10 lists as long as the internet exists, so get used to making good lists.


Tables are 16% of the answer boxes. These may be the easiest form of content that you can create to get featured. Spreadsheets and tables are also great content for your blog anyways.

Another great way to appear on google answer box is to make a list of 5 common questions people ask on your site. Kind of like a FAQ, but make multiple FAQ pages and don’t call it a frequently asked question. Make sure the answer is direct and have outstanding information on the topics. This also has to be easy for users to find on the web page, because that makes it easy for google to find as well.

Remember, content is king. Make sure these posts are jam packed with great information so that the next time people visit your site from a google answer box, they will remember your site as being credible and informative. It is also a good idea to make sure that your page speed and mobile optimization is up to par. If your website takes too long to load, this will frustrate the page user and they will go somewhere else. Most users who ask questions to google use their phone as well, so double check your content to see if everything comes out well on smartphones and tablets. All of these key items will optimize your site and qualify you to be on google search boxes.

Why Attempt To Be On Google’s Answer Boxes

There are some concerns from others as to how will people visit my website if google displays an answer box with my content? That is a great question. The reason this is great for your website is because your article will be on the absolute top of all other websites, even paid websites! Having that type of real estate on google usually costs money, and for a good reason too!