We Offer Powerful Javascript Animation Services

JavaScript animation adds visual aesthetic to a website and enhances the user experience.

Animated elements can have a potent effect on a website’s visitors, it keeps them on the page longer and funnels their attention to the most desirable parts of the webpage. Simply put, animation helps increase traffic and sales goals by directing visitors to the places they want and need to go.

JavaScript is a dynamic scripting code that relies on a user’s web browser to serve as a client for an enhanced interface experience. It is also the language that makes many desktop widgets, bugs and other gadgets work. JavaScript is often used to open new windows from within websites, to launch pop-ups and to validate the input values on a form before the form is actually submitted.

If that is a bit too technical, here is the bottom line: JavaScript adds interactivity to the web-surfing experience. While Flash animations are generally used to create cartoon-like experiences, JavaScript animations are most often used to develop features like menus and toolbars that are responsive to mouseovers and clicks.

By using JavaScript, websites seem to come alive:  menus and bars respond to cursor movements, forms tell users when input data is not acceptable,  graphics change when users move their mouse across them. While there are tools available that allow for just about anyone to create a simple website in a matter of minutes with no experience at all, important elements like animations are beyond the reach of most inexperienced developers.

Professional websites have logos that mesmerize, they also have a logical color scheme that matches the company’s brand identity. We at Z Networks Group, can help your business render the professional look and feel that you are looking for with a complete web identity package that is both responsive (through JavaScript), and that is also aesthetically cohesive to your branding efforts.

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